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New Fitness Equipment Is Here at Solaris Sports!

Welcome to Athletes Peak at Solaris Sports. Our new and exciting equipment to challenge you and your workout. Change happens when you vary your workout. With the new equipment you’ll be able to put a new spin on old exercises and increase your results. You work hard to change your body and excel at your sport. Come see and experience for yourself. We have modernized fitness areas throughout the facility with equipment you can’t find just anywhere. Take your conditioning to a whole new level.

Cascade Air Stationary Bike
Pro-XL Power Rack
Seated Calf
Abdominal Crunch
Flat/Incline Bench
2-Tier Tray Dumbbell Rack
Incline Lever Row
Multi-Hip Flexor
Leg Press/Hack Squat
Leg Curl
4-Way Olympic Bench
Hack Squat
5-Station Jungle Gym
Glute Ham Bench
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